The Power of Empowered Women

The Power of Empowered Women

Benedicta-speaking-in-GenevaIn early June, the Executive Director of the Kinawataka Women Initiatives (KIWOI), Benedicta Nanyonga, traveled to Geneva to present at the Power of Empowered Women Conference. The Group of Women Ambassadors in Geneva and the International Trade Centre hosted the conference, which was attended by an estimated 600 officials from the UN, NGOs and several multilateral organizations.

Ms. Nanyonga delivered a speech on how the Kinawataka Women Initiatives turns “trash into cash” to support local women and promote recycling.

She participated in an interactive panel discussion focused on women’s empowerment and economic development, which included speakers from Afghanistan, Haiti and India. The New Zealand Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva, Amanda Ellis, moderated the panel and invited Ms. Nanyonga to attend the conference.

The event provided significant exposure to the essential work of KIWOI. Nanyonga noted, “The conference was a major opportunity for the Kinawataka Women Initiatives to share how our organization creates jobs, empowers vulnerable women and conserves the environment in the slum areas in Uganda.”

She argued that while the UN has done a good job of providing aid to those affected by poverty and conflict, they must focus on training so that women can lift themselves up to provide for their families. Benedicta shared a quoted a proverb on the significance of empowering women stating, “If you give me a good woman and I’ll give you a good world.”

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navy Pillay, delivered the closing remarks for the conference asserting, “We need strong female role models to convince girls they’re as good as boys.” Benedicta and KIWOI certainly do this on a daily basis by working with women and girls to provide not only income, but also a sense of importance and accomplishment.

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